Two Piece Embroidered Khaddar


Rs.7,500.00 PKRRs.3,750.00 PKR
Khaddar Dress For Girl


Rs.6,550.00 PKRFrom Rs.3,275.00 PKR
khaddar Dress


Rs.5,950.00 PKRFrom Rs.2,775.00 PKR
Teens Khaddar Outfit

Black Pepper

Rs.7,100.00 PKRRs.3,550.00 PKR
Two Piece Khaddar


Rs.6,550.00 PKRFrom Rs.3,275.00 PKR
Kids Khaddar Two Piece


Rs.6,550.00 PKRFrom Rs.3,475.00 PKR
embroidered khaddar dress


Rs.6,800.00 PKRRs.3,400.00 PKR
Women khaddar 2 piece


Rs.6,500.00 PKRRs.3,250.00 PKR
khaddar embroidered 2 piece suit


Rs.5,650.00 PKRFrom Rs.2,825.00 PKR
Khaddar embroidered dress


Rs.7,150.00 PKRFrom Rs.2,975.00 PKR
Khaddar dress for girls


Rs.5,600.00 PKRFrom Rs.2,800.00 PKR
kids khaddar 2 piece suit


Rs.5,650.00 PKRFrom Rs.2,825.00 PKR

In the dynamic world of fashion, where trends come and go, one fabric stands timeless in its elegance Khaddar wear. This article delves into the fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion, exploring the realm of Khaddar Couture and its profound impact on modest clothing.

The Artistry of Khaddar

Khaddar, with its handwoven charm and intricate texture, epitomizes artisanal craftsmanship. Understanding its unique qualities lays the foundation for appreciating its role in crafting fashion masterpieces.

Modesty Redefined in Fashion

Modesty in clothing is not merely a style; it's a statement. Explore how the fashion industry is embracing and redefining modesty, emphasizing grace, cultural respect, and individual expression.

Khaddar's Embrace in Modest Clothing

Khaddar's versatility finds a perfect match in modest wear. Uncover the reasons behind designers and fashion enthusiasts turning to Khaddar for creating modest yet chic clothing options.

The Elegance of Khaddar Modest Wear

Step into the world of elegance woven with Khaddar threads. Discover how this fabric brings a touch of sophistication to modest clothing, marrying tradition and modernity seamlessly.

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