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Versatile Girls Frocks


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Net Tail Frock


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Girls Net Tail Frock


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girls frocks


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Kids Frock


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Organza Kids Frock


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Kids Frocks Fabric


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Girls Frocks


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Girls Frocks Dress


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Girls Party Frocks


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Girls net Frocks


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Girls Top

Autumn Mist

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Kids Western Dresses - Modest Kids Store

Get ready to groove in style and comfort with our Summer Vibes Collection, specially crafted for your little fashionistas. Made from soft and breathable cotton, each kid's western dress is designed to make this summer a delightful experience. From playful 2-pieces to charming casual tops, these outfits will keep your girls looking fresh and fabulous all season long. Let’s embrace the vibrant spirit of summer with our eye-catching color palette. Think sunny yellows, orange hues, and tropical pinks - the perfect colors to brighten up any day and spread the joy of the season. Our Summer Vibes collection is all about the little details that make a big impact. Delicate lace embellishments add a touch of elegance to each article, transforming these everyday pieces into something extraordinary. Mix and match with ease! Our two-piece sets provide endless styling possibilities. Your kids can create their own unique looks for every occasion. Watch your little ones light up with happiness as they embrace the warmth of summer in style. Whether they're dancing, playing, or simply basking in the sun, our Summer Vibes collection promises to keep their spirits high and their fashion game on point. Celebrate the season with the "Summer Vibes" Kids Collection.  Shop now and let your girls embrace the magic of summer.

Kids Tops - Girls Summer Casual Tops Collection

When it comes to clothing for your little girl, a top for girls is a must-have item in her wardrobe. Any top with bright colors can be used to make your little girl look like the fashionista that she is. A top for girls is available in a variety of styles and sizes; it is up to you to decide which top is appropriate for your little girl and meets the needs of the occasion. We offer a party top that makes it easy to outfit your little girl for the occasion; it has gorgeous frills, sequins, and embroidery and is made of very soft fabric. Plus, we have tops for everyday use that are produced with light and simple colors. When choosing an everyday top for your little girl, bear in mind that it should not be too fancy and should include warmer materials such as wool and long sleeves for colder days.