Girls these days are not afraid of experimenting new styles or even old dressing styles what is important to them is getting the perfect outfit for the event. Girls from the beginning are attracted to dresses, looking good and enjoying. In our country we have so many events whole year which causes the urge of dressing up in girls from the beginning. Pretty clothes, cute hand bags, fine shoes and traditional jewelry.

We all are so aware of the events in this summer season it becomes more hectic to decide what to wear as weather is so unfriendly but dressing up can’t be compromised.  Choosing the outfit that helps you rocking your event and also gives you all the comfort is a bonus. Designing, fabric, colors and styling all are important but if you can’t carry it well than its wasted in terms of everything.

Shehnai by name sounds like very exciting, it brings out colors, festivals, food, lights all the event containing vibes with it. Dresses full of shine, bright colors all are linked somehow with shehnai. But now a day’s comfort is considered more important when it comes to events and anything.

Shehnai for girls has been designed for all the girls facing the same issue and we have designed each dress with much love so you can get what you love. We have kept in mind the weather and upcoming festivals, chose the best in terms of everything so you don’t have to deal with the stress before choosing any dress.

What to wear, when to wear?? To answer this, we are sharing some of our designs with you so that



This dress is so stylish in looks with so comfortable fabric. Its cool design and very cool color are a perfect outfit for summer events. Whatever the event would be this one goes with every event. The fabric is chiffon with a contrast of lime green and black which makes it so catchy to the eyes. The style itself is a mix of coolness and traditional.

Summer demands a light dress which is fancy also. And also, which appears good to your own self and others. Sometimes wearing heavy embroideries dims the mood and also causes more warmness. This poncho is paired with straight trouser having black pearls on the hem. Poncho has an elastic bow to tighten it if needed and it has black lace all around its ends. This outfit is amazing for all the events.



Pink is what can be wear anytime to feel good and look good. This outfit is all about contrasting pink with red or floral embellishments. The shirt is short frock style with balloon sleeves, paired with red palazzo pants and dupatta. It is so classic and cute. Its tough though to go for something fancy in summers but the easiest way is to opt out according to the trending colors, designs, or keeping a track of what kind of dress will suit all your requirements.

This hot weather unluckily stays longer, so this fit can be worn in summers as well as in winters. The color is so attractive that it can be wear in day event or in night event. It will match every event perfectly. This one will enhance your personality; you can style it differently as per as your choice.

So, make sure you make the most of it and dress the best!



This is our favorite design which is by appearance is perfect for all the events with its comforting style it looks traditionally good. The fresh color range consisting of blue, pink and black all of them have their own aura. It has embroideries on its shirt’s hem and sleeves. We paired it with a gharara style bottom. A long classic kameez with a gharara is enough in its style and colors which makes it more than enough.

The chiffon fabric is so light and relaxing and simplicity of design is very comforting. It has all the size ranges starting from 1-2 year to 11-12 years. The ethnic look for this Eid is not a bad deal at all. So go choose yours!


SHEHNAI brings you the best of all this summers!